The Greatest Literary Lyric in the History of Musical Theater

Some people can’t get success with their art
Some people never feel love in their heart
Some people can’t tell the two things apart
But I keep rollin’ on. …

I dreamed of writing like the high and mighty.
Now I’m the subject of a bidding war.
I met my personal Aphrodite.
I’m doing things I never dreamed of before.

We start to take the next step together.
Found an apartment on Seventy-Third.
The Atlantic Monthly’s printing my first chapter —
Two thousand bucks without rewriting one word.

I left Columbia and I don’t regret it.
I wrote a book and Sonny Mehta read it.
My heart’s been stolen.
My ego’s swollen.
I just keep rollin’ along.

From “Moving Too Fast” in Jason Robert Brown’s "The Last Five Years"

Listen here.

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